Viral Infections


A viral disease (or viral infection or infectious disease), occurs when an organism’s body is invaded by pathogenic viruses, and infectious virus particles (virions) attach to and enter susceptible cells. (Wikipedia)

Do you suffer from?
  • Temperature fluctuations or high fever
  • Aching body
  • Sore throat – hoarse voice
  • Swollen lymph glands in the neck and groin
  • Exhaustion
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dry Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Passing excessive urine
  • Loss of appetite
Nature’s Solution

A.Vogel’s Echinaforce herbal drops have been clinically proven to enhance the body’s immune response to viral infections. The dosage needs to be appropriate to elicit a body response. Dr A.Vogel’s Echinaforce has remarkable results when taken in the following way:

20ml, 2 hourly on the first day
20ml, 4 hourly on the second day
10ml, three times daily until fine.

This is the adult dosage. For children, half the dosage.
20 Drops taken daily, as lymphatic drainage remedy, will help to create a healthy system capable of dealing with viral and bacterial infections.

A Vogel’s Influaforce homoeopathic drops will assist the body to rid itself of toxicity while fighting a viral infection. The primary symptom of toxicity is the body aches and fever associated with the invasion of the virus into body cells.

A.Vogel’s Immunoforce homoeopathic drops are formulated to provide long-term immune responses in the body. It is particularly suited to people infected by the Glandular Fever viruses as well as HIV. The presence of swollen glands in the patient is a good indication for the need of this remedy.

A.Vogel’s Cold Formula is a homoeopathic combination remedy which is used to bring rapid relief of head symptoms of viral attacks; watery eyes, streaming nose, sneezing, scratchy throat, which is often present at the sudden onset of viral infections, is well treated by A.Vogel’s Cold Formula.

A.Vogel’s Cough Formula: This is a homoeopathic combination remedy which will bring relief to symptoms of either a wet or a dry cough. Night coughs will also be beneficially influenced by this remedy. It must be remembered that upper respiratory symptoms will always be relieved in warm, moist air. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil brings fast relief when added to bowls of water to steam, or by adding it to humidifiers, bathing water, etc.

Bio-Strath Herbal Elixir has been clinically proven to build and restore the immune system and healthy blood to combat most ailments. As the foundation of health, this tonic fortifies the nutritional status of the body, cell by cell.

A.Vogel’s Urticalcin Tabs is a homoeopathic calcium preparation which is essential for all age groups. Calcium plays a vital role in assuring that proper glandular, lymphatic functioning is maintained, ridding the body of unwanted wastes. Sufficient calcium in the body is essential for proper formation of blood and Haemoglobin which carries oxygen. Oxygen is the link to ensure survival. Where oxygen is present, viral infections cannot develop.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Soap should be used frequently throughout the day to wash the hands as most viral infections are spread via hands to mouth, nose and eyes. (This excludes HIV)

Some Advice from Dr Vogel

Fortunately, not every bout of influenza is as serious as the dreadful viral influenza that killed more people in 1918-1919 than the First World War itself. Usually it is quite a harmless illness, but since so many people do not really know what to do when infectious diseases strike, the following suggestions may be helpful. The recommendations made for influenza should be followed in cases of other flu-like and infectious diseases too.

First of all, the bowels must be cleaned out by means of a natural plant laxative. As long as the temperature remains above normal the patient should not eat. To quench his thirst and assist elimination, give freshly squeezed fruit juices, orange, grapefruit and grape juices being the most suitable. Should the liver be affected, raw carrot juice should be used instead of fruit juice. Under no circumstances should the fever be reduced with chemical medicines. It is a kind of defence measure, assisting the body by burning up and destroying the virus and other toxins responsible for the illness. The elimination of metabolic waste products through the kidneys is absolutely essential and for this purpose, give a kidney tonic, Nephrosolid. Moreoever, we can assist the fever and induce sweating by the use of compresses. If the patient should still find it difficult to start perspiring, drink hot elder flower tea with lemon juice. When the normal body temperature has stabilised, first serve raw fruit and other raw foods, followed by light meals, keeping to a vegetarian diet, and as soon as good health has been restored, the patient can return to his usual diet, which should, however, be a natural one.

Following these suggestions, an attack of influenza can be quickly overcome and will not mean the usual lingering of discomfort. What is more, the patient will not experience the lingering tiredness and other common after effects of flu.

Virus Influenza:
Although the epidemics that have hit Europe again and again for some decades no longer kill as many victims as at first, we must nevertheless regard influenza as a serious disease, especially when we consider its possible after effects. For example, it can cause pneumonia, or an acute deterioration of a chronic liver condition; it may also affect the kidneys, pancreas and abdominal organs. It is also possible for the myocardium to suffer and eczema to break out. Rheumatism can result from an improperly or incompletely treated bout of flu. All these after effects can possibly be prevented if treatment is given until the cure is complete.

Checklist for the Treatment of Influenza
At the onset of a flu virus we should carefully consider four main aspects for successful treatment.

1. In the first place we must make use of a physical therapy through which we can assist the body to excrete bacterial toxins. At the same time, we must watch the condition of the heart during sweating cures. With this in mind, we can then proceed to induce sweating through the application of compresses, wet packs or a steam bath. In addition to the compresses, it is also beneficial to apply cold compresses to the calves. The patient will then be more comfortable and able to sleep.

Simply serve herbal tea or just water sweetened with honey. Pure grape sugar (condensed grape juice) also has an immediate effect in strengthening weak heart muscles. The body should be frequently washed with an infusion of thyme or juniper needles, even if the patient perspires only moderately. Oral hygiene must be observed in all infectious diseases, including influenza. The patient must clean his teeth regularly and remove any coating on the tongue with a toothbrush. Gargling with Molkosan backs up the healing process greatly. Patients with common influenza will benefit from Influaforce, a homoepathic flu remedy. (see below)

All infectious diseases make the lungs work overtime in order to burn up toxins, so the sick room should be aired frequently. Provided that the patient is well covered, a pleasantly cool room is better than an overheated one.

2. Secondly, we must employ a selection of herbal medicines, such as Nephrosolid and Boldocynara, for these remedies promote increased excretion through the kidneys and liver. By taking Echinaforce we can prevent irritation and inflammation. At the beginning of the illness, the flu drops Influaforce are helpful. These drops contain Baptisia (wild indigo), Lachesis 10x, Echinaforce, Bryonia 3x (bryony), Aconitum 3x and Solidago, and have always proved effective in minimising the virulence of the infection.

3. Diet is very important for a flu patient. While fever is present, neither protein nor fat should be eaten. Going on a liquid juice diet for one or two days has proved to be very beneficial. Grapefruit juice, diluted bilberry (blueberry) juice, also backcurrent juice alternated with diluted beetroot juice will be received as a blessing by the patient. The intake of liquids should be greater than under normal circumstances.

4. After the illness has passed, we must direct our attention to the follow-up treatment, being mindful that the period of convalescence should not be short. Even though the acute symptoms have subsided, we should still apply physiotherapy. Also, continue taking the Nephrosolid and Boldocynara even if the fever has subsided. This will eliminate all of the accumulated toxins so that damage elsewhere in the body is avoided. Every bout of flu should receive follow-up treatment. In fact, with any infectious disease it is advisable to continue the treatment conscientiously until the patient has fully recovered. This is the only way to prevent after effects, which can be much more unpleasant than you think. If you become impatient, just remember that you remain prone to contracting a new infection until all vestiges of the last one have been eliminated during convalescence.

Some useful information

Keep the colon clean. Always ensure that at the first sign of a viral infection, a good effort is made to clear the toxins from the bowel. In a manner of speaking, the bowel becomes the breeding place for the virus to multiply and enter into the body.

  • Ensure sufficient fresh air. Stay in a well ventilated room, keeping more or less an even temperature.
  • Do not become dehydrated. Drink enough water to ensure proper kidney function as the body requires the kidneys to clean the blood of toxins more efficiently when fighting viral infections
  • Do not be in a hurry to eat a lot. Eat small helpings of nutritious foods often throughout the day. Vegetable soup is an excellent suggestion.
  • Be quiet. Rest is essential to recover well.
  • HIV patients can take Sutherlandia Herbal Tablets daily to assist with exhaustion and weight loss. It is advisable to carry on with Sutherlandia even if energy levels are restored to maintain overall health.
  • Avoid crowds. Avoid unnecessary travel. The SARS Virus has brought home to everyone how dangerous an airborne virus can be. This virus demands all of us to have a good, strong immune system every day of the year, as well as social habits where personal hygiene is of the highest standards. Clean hands!

The detrimental effects of sugar and commercial fruit juices, as well as fast foods, on the overall wellness of the body has been known for a very long time. Yet, people will indulge. For every sugar mistake, correct it immediately by taking Urticalcin and drink a full glass of water! Instil good dietary habits in children by being an example. Please refer to the diet sheet to eat healthily every day. Nutrition and oxygen is the only way forward in a world where your immune system is your only defence to survive hidden viruses.

Did you know?

The SARS Virus can live outside the body or cold surfaces for up to 4 days. Be careful where you touch!

Thousands of people die yearly of the common flu, in spite of all the inoculations recommended. Your only defence is your immune system, which is not just needed for winter! It is a 365 day essential system!. Regular gargling with Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil can slow down the proliferation of viruses in the mouth and throat.

Regular use of A.Vogel’s Echinaforce will provide some protection when the virus strikes. We have to take these viruses seriously. Give attention to detail in your health care.


Much has been reported and written on HIV and AIDS. Lifestyle choices can prevent the spread of AIDS. However, SARS, Influenza, Glandular Fever and other childhood viral infections can infect you at will. Your only defence is your good health, personal hygiene and fitness. Nature has a way of selecting those who are weak.

Echinaforce Liquid. Application No. U613 (Act 101/1965), contains per 1.0g fresh Echinacea purpurea herb mother tincture 950 mg and fresh Echinacea purpurea root mother tincture 50 mg. Alchohol content 65% v/v.

Echinaforce Tablets. Each tablet contains 400 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%).

Echinaforce Junior Tablets. Each tablet contains 250 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%) equivalent to the active ingredients of 107 mg of fresh Echinacea purpurea plant.

Urticalcin Tablets. Application No. U959 (Act 101/1965). Each tablet contains Calcium carb. Hahnem. D4 0.50 mg, Calcium Phos D6 0.50 mg, Natrium phos D6 0.50 mg, Silicea D6 2.50 mg and Urtica D1 10.00 mg in a tablet base composed of lactose, potato starch and magnesium stearate.

Cold Formula Liquid. Application No. U654 (Act 101/1965) contains Teucrium scorodonia D1, Luffa operculata D6, Hydrastis canadensis D4, Pulsatilla pratensis D6, Sambucus Nigra D2, Hedera helix D5, Aralia racemosa D2, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 60% v/v.

Cough Formula Liquid. Application U874 (Act/Wet 101/1965) contains Ginkgo biloba D2, Ipecacuanha D6, Cetraria islandica D1, Drosera rotundifolia D1, Aralia racemosa D2, Phellandrium aquaticum D2, Cuprum aceticum D6, Ammi visnaga D1, in equal parts. Alcohol content 65% v/v.

Boldocynara Liquid. Application No. U876 (Act 101/1965.) Each 1ml contains Cynara scolymus Ø 421 mg, Silybum marianum Ø 293 mg. Taraxacum off. Ø 110 mg. Peumus boldus Ø 64 mg and Mentha piperita Ø 27mg. Alcohol content 60% v/v.

Nephrosolid Liquid. Application No. U927 (Act 101/1965). Each 1ml contains Solidago Virguaren Ø 635 mg. Betula Pendula Ø 166mg, Ononis Spinosa Ø 64 mg, Equisetum arvense Ø 55 mg, Alcohol 62% v/v

Immunoforce. Application No. U915 (Act/Wet 101/1965) Echinacea purpurea D1, Eupatorium perfoliatum D2, Aconitum napellus D4, Thuja occidentalis D12, Baptista tinctoria D3, Sambucus nigra D2, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 65% v/v

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