Sinus Disorders

Do you suffer from?
  • A continually blocked nose?
  • A sinus headache?
  • Having to breathe through your mouth all the time?
  • Constantly having to clear your throat?
  • Postnasal drip
  • Coughing when you lie down at night?
  • Sinusitis or nasal discharge – commonly preceded by a cold, flu, or an allergic reaction?
Nature’s solution

A.Vogel’s Sinuforce tablets, drops or spray, containing a blend of five homeopathic components, clears mucous and opens the nose. Sinuforce helps relieve sinus congestion, postnasal drip or rhinitis.

Does it really work?

Clinical studies on 83 patients with sinusitis revealed significant improvements with Sinuforce.* Even after only ten days, 68% of patients reported good to excellent effects on their sinusitis. The remedy had significant effects in both acute and chronic cases, indicating that its benefits are both fast acting and enduring.

Some advice from Dr. Vogel

Tackle the cause of illness and disease and work in harmony with nature. Man is a unit of body and mind – a marvel of nature and subject to nature’s laws.

Sinus conditions are often compounded by digestive problems caused by the choice of foods.
Specific foods can cause excessive mucous production. Mucous production in the nose can be likened to the smoke of a fire; don’t just blow away the smoke, put out the fire – improve digestion with the correct diet.

Apart from a change in diet to prevent mucous conditions occurring, A.Vogel’s Indigestion Formula can help to stimulate and improve the digestive processes. Blood pH should be maintained at its optimal, slightly alkaline level to reduce the production of mucous. A.Vogel’s Urticalcin, a natural calcium supplement derived from the stinging nettle, helps to reduce the blood’s acidity, and therefore its mucous production. Urticalcin also helps to prevent the occurrence of secondary infections.

In the case of sinusitis, where the sinuses are infected (i.e. if there is pain, yellow or green mucous production, fever or malaise), A.Vogel’s Echinaforce is especially useful to assist the immune system to combat the infection and clear the inflammation. In these cases, steaming your nasal passages can be an important step to recovery; the steam hydrates the mucous membranes to allow the mucous to start running, and consequently the sinuses begin to clear. Use Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil in the steaming process. Gargling with Hyperiforce in water, as an external antiseptic, is an excellent way to clear the nose and throat.

Did you know?

Sinus sufferers who have used antibiotics need to replenish the friendly bacteria in the stomach to prevent further digestive complications. Bioflora is especially useful for this.

Are you using codeine preparations?

These can often affect the colon and cause constipation. Regular bowel function can be ensured with A.Vogel’s Linoforce.

Since all body systems work together holistically, it is important to understand that when treating sinus, you may also need to attend to digestion. To assist with digestion (see pamphlet on digestion) and prevent sinus problems: avoid mucous-producing foods. While Sinuforce will help to directly clear sinus problems, remember to assist the digestive processes with Indigestion Formula and help keep the blood alkaline with Urticalcin.

Do you eat mucous-forming foods?
The following are mucous forming:

  • Excessive wheat products: bread, pizza, pasta and cereals; these are gluten- containing foods. Gluten is the protein found in wheat which is not easily digested
  • Excessive sugar
  • Excessive dairy products; including ice cream and yogurt
  • Excessive fruit juices – eat fresh fruit rather than just drinking juice

Sinuforce can be taken with other medications.

* P. Lammerts, S. Bommer and F.H. Degenring. Common cold and infections of the paranasal sinuses: Treatment with Rhinitisan and Sinuforce. Schweiz. Zschr. Ganzheits Medizin 1996; 8 (7/8): 321-324.

Sinuforce Liquid. Application No. U662 (Act 101/1965),
contains per 1 ml Cinnabaris D8 0.2 ml, Hydrastis canadensis D6 0.2 ml, Kalium bichromicum D6 0.2 ml, Lemna minor D3 0.2 ml, Luffa operculata D6 0.2 ml. Alcohol content 48% v/v.

Sinuforce Tablets.
Each tablet contains Cinnabaris D8 50.0 mg, Hydrastis canadensis D6 50.0 mg, Kalium bichromicum D6 50.0 mg, Lemna minor D4 50.0 mg, Luffa operculata D6 50.0 mg.

Echinaforce Liquid. Application No. U613 (Act 101/1965),
contains per 1.0g fresh Echinacea purpurea herb mother tincture 950 mg and fresh Echinacea purpurea root mother tincture 50 mg. Alchohol content 65% v/v.

Echinaforce Tablets.
Each tablet contains 400 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%).

Echinaforce Junior Tablets.


Each tablet contains 250 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%) equivalent to the active ingredients of 107 mg of fresh Echinacea purpurea plant.

Urticalcin Tablets. Application No. U959 (Act 101/1965).
Each tablet contains Calcium carb. Hahnem. D4 0.50 mg, Calcium Phos D6 0.50 mg, Natrium phos D6 0.50 mg, Silicea D6 2.50 mg and Urtica D1 10.00 mg in a tablet base composed of lactose, potato starch and magnesium stearate.

Indigestion Formula Liquid. Application No. U918 (Act 101/1965).
Each 1 ml contains Atropa belladonna D6 16.66 ml, Artemisa abrotanum D 1 16.66 ml, Haronga Madagascar D1 16.66 ml, Chionanthus virginicus D6 16.66 ml, Robinian pseudacacia D2 16.66 ml, Nux vomica D6 16.66 ml. Alcohol content 60% v/v.

Linoforce Granules.
Each 100 grams contains Flax seed (linseed) 43.03 mg, Senna leaves 12.91 mg, Buckthorn bark 1.07 mg, Calcium lactate 0.43 mg, Ol. Zingiberis 0.02 mg, Vanilla 0.02 mg.

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