Role of Calcium in the Body

Do you perhaps fall into the category of?
  • Rapidly growing people
  • Women weakened by rapid child bearing
  • Prolonged lactation
Do you suffer from?
  • Bone diseases
  • Defective nutrition
  • Difficult dentition
  • Poor teeth
  • Lack of restorative power
  • Swollen glands
  • Recurrent infections: whether viral, bacterial, fungal
  • Excessive menstruation or vaginal discharges
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Night sweats
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Spasms / cramps
Nature’s solution

A.Vogel Urticalcin calcium supplement is produced from the young shoots of nettle which is rich in organic plant calcium. Urticalcin is well absorbed, due to this fact. Dr A.Vogel who formulated Urticalcin also added into the formula complementary calcium to assist with the control of acidity in the body which is detrimental to optimum calcium utilisation and certain tissue salts to aid better absorption of calcium from the foods we eat.

  • Urticalcin has a threefold action in the body;
  • Urticalcin supplies absorbable organic plant calcium
  • Urticalcin reduces acidity which comprises calcium levels
  • Urticalcin assists with the absorption of calcium from food sources.
Some useful advice from Dr Vogel

Everyone knows the importance of calcium as a structural component of our bones and teeth. A low calcium level indicates a calcium deficiency that will, in time, be detrimental to the teeth and bones. The effect of this deficiency is especially dangerous in pregnant women, and generations ago they used to say in parts of Switzerland that every child cost his mother a tooth; in other words, calcium deficiency was the price a mother had to pay for bearing a child. We also know that a calcium deficiency in the blood may bring about tetany-like conditions characterised by cramps and spasmodic contractions. However, calcium is not only a building material, but also one that combines with harmful metabolic wastes, particularly acids, which are then eliminated through the urine. One example of these is oxalic acid, which plays a part in the formation of kidney stones. When combined with calcium it becomes calcium oxalate, a substance that can be disposed of easily by the kidneys.

An adequate balance of calcium in the body protects one against scrofula and the tendency to tuberculosis. Doctors are able to tell us a great deal about this. If the calcium level in our blood is normal, it can protect us from the harmful effects of radioactive strontium 90. This discovery, while still new to many of us, is reassuring, since it is not very difficult to build up our calcium level; thus, the reasons for maintaining a normal level of this importance to our health.

Wholegrain foods, raw vegetables, raw seeds and nuts, bony fish are all excellent sources of calcium, and we should make daily use of them. Unfortunately, our body is unable to assimilate calcium contained in water, or in any other inorganic form. That is why we must make sure to obtain organic calcium, that is, calcium of plant origin. Since this important mineral is readily assimilated only in this form, organic calcium alone is to be preferred. But if, in spite of a proper diet, a person still suffers from a deficiency, then regularly taking a biological calcium complex such as Urticalcin is indicated and, or course, the need to eat foods rich in calcium is obvious. Urticalcin contains calcium obtained from nettles and is ideal for maintaining a normal calcium level in children as well as adults. Once you have tried this simple and pleasant preparation you will no longer wish to do without its benefits as a natural source of calcium. Those who are in a state of exhaustion, overworked or whose health is low, so that no remedy seems to do them any good, will be able to improve their general condition by taking Urticalcin. The body will then soon be able to utilise other remedies too. Given that the mineral balance in the body is so important, we should heed the advice given in this section and take great care to ensure that it is achieved and adequately maintained. Bio-Strath Elixir is another beautiful plant-based calcium and complete tonic for the body.

Some useful information
  • Regularly eat foods which are rich in calcium: Sesame seeds, almonds, brown rice and green, leafy plants.
  • Get regular exercise in sunlight to assist with the absorption of calcium.
  • People who suffer from Thyroid and parathyroid disorders are at greater risk to mal-absorb calcium.
  • Have these glands checked through blood tests.
  • Calcium lactate (such as dairy products), calcium carbonate, and other inorganic calcium are difficult to absorb into the body. Plant calcium in the organic form is the best source of calcium for the body.
Did you know?

Where there is a lack of calcium, disease will thrive. Even in nature, parasitic plants grow in acidic soil!
Calcium combines with harmful metallic wastes, particularly acids, which are then eliminated through the urine.

Oxalic acid, produced in the body as a metabolic by-product, can be controlled by having sufficient vitamin B6 in the diet. This vitamin can be supplemented by using Bio-Strath tonic.

Calcium to phosphorous ratio (0.7 calc to 1 phos) can easily be disturbed by the over-consumption of fizzy drinks and red meat. Meat, for example, has 20-50 parts phosphorous to one part calcium. This mineral imbalance causes increased calcium resorption from bones. This in turn causes weak bone structure and excess calcium handled by the kidneys, leading to stone formation.

Refined white sugar has been stripped of all minerals and proteins. As such it becomes an irritating substance to the stomach wall as it has no buffer. This causes excessive acidity in the stomach which requires calcium to return to normal. Sugar is a calcium robber!
Excess intake of protein foods break down in the body to sulphate and organic acids which leads to an acidic environment in the kidney which causes a reduction in calcium resorption and increases calcium excretion. This further reduces the body’s calcium levels!
Salt causes a loss of calcium. Through increased kidney excretion. Watch out for added salt in convenience foods.

Diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates increase calcium in urine and decrease magnesium resorption, creating an imbalance between calcium and magnesium which can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Alternatively, diet high in unrefined carbohydrates lower calcium in urine and reduces the chances of forming stones.

Excessive perspiration can lead to loss of fluids which will cause concentrated urine containing calcium and other metabolites. Regular hydration with water while playing sport or when in occupations which causes heavy perspiration is essential.
Leg cramps are caused by mineral imbalances. Excess phosphorus in the diet derived from red meat and fizzy drinks can be a factor causing a calcium deficiency. To normalise calcium, magnesium and phosphorous levels, reduce milk and meat proteins and increase vegetables.

Hydrochloric acid deficiency in the stomach could be an added cause for poor calcium absorption.
Osteoporosis is a common problem in postmenopausal women. It is thought that oestrogen plays a part in bone formation. However, in societies where there is little or no consumption of sugar and very little red meat, osteoporosis is more or less unheard of in postmenopausal women.

Women with a history of thyroid dysfunction have a higher risk of menopausal complaints and osteoporosis.


Calcium is essential for a healthy life. This mineral is used by the body in all vital functions. Calcium is found in all body cells, regulating the building of healthy bones, teeth. Without calcium there can be no normal growth. The blood will become disordered and will not coagulate. Because of calcium the body can heal speedily. Calcium protects the body against harmful radiation. The regular intake of sugar in the refine form is the greatest robber of calcium. Sugar-cane in the natural form is a complete food which contains valuable carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. In cultures where people chew on sugarcane there is no dental caries! In the refined denatured form, devoid of any nutrients, it needs minerals and vitamins present in the body to metabolise, robbing the body of vital nutrients and causing disease. Entire communities are deficient in calcium due to their dietary habits.

Excellent sources are: Most raw vegetables, especially dark leafy vegetables, (eat with a little lemon juice to aid calcium assimilation), sesame seeds, oats, dried beans, almonds, walnuts, millet, sunflower seeds.

Dr A.Vogel’s Urticalcin provides easy-to-take natural plant calcium for the whole family every day.

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