Prostate problems could be
  • Benign enlarged prostate – Hypertrophy of Prostate
  • Inflamed, swollen prostate, usually due to infection. This could be an acute or chronic problem.
Do you suffer from?
  • Painful urination
  • Painful defecation
  • Frequency of urination
  • Inability to empty bladder fully
  • Constant desire to urinate
  • Impotence
  • Lower back ache
  • Painful ejaculation
Nature’s solution

A.Vogel’s Prostate Formula is a homoeopathic combination remedy which is well suited to address the problems of benign prostate enlargement and its associated symptoms. Regular use of Prostate Formula will reduce urgency and frequency of urination. Prostate Formula can be used successfully as a prophylactic to keep the prostate healthy. Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of this product in the treatment of prostate enlargement and the associated symptoms. A.Vogel’s Echinaforce drops or tabs, have a beneficial effect in the treatment of chronic and acute infections of the prostate gland. Taken in double therapeutic dosages for acute symptoms of Prostate infections, in conjunction with Prostate Formula, it has a synergistic beneficial effect to reduce infection and inflammation.

A.Vogel’s Urticalcin is a biological calcium preparation which is well indicated for glandular swelling and glandular indurations. Urticalcin tabs, taken as a daily calcium supplement, will assist the body to normalise glandular secretions and size.

Some useful information

Cancer of the prostate must always be excluded by having an examination by a urologist. A regular PSA blood-count, done at the same time, will provide a good baseline to check prostate health in future.

The prostate will be adversely affected by the following lifestyle choices:

  • Acidic foods, such as sugar, meat, eggs
  • Constipation
  • A diet lacking in fibre
  • Excessive alcohol and excessive salt
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency
  • A zinc deficiency

Poor abdominal tone. The pressure from a large stomach onto the internal pelvic organs will aggravate prostate disorders.
Congested, sluggish colon. This will add more pressure onto the gland in the pelvic area.

Poor blood and lymph flow. This congestion will be seen in cold feet, swollen feet, varicose veins in the legs, feet and scrotum. Haemorrhoids are often associated with poor circulation.

Toxicity of the blood due to lifestyle choices and poor elimination via lungs, colon, kidneys and liver.
A sedentary life. Little or no exercise worsens all the above.

After effects of spine injuries. This can lead to poor nerve supply and poor circulation to the pelvic area and the prostate gland.
Working and living in very cold temperatures. This has a negative effect on pelvic circulation.

The after effects of sexually transmitted diseases could be at the root of prostate disorders and needs to be diagnosed.
Prostate infection could be caused by tooth abscesses. See your dentist regularly to ensure a healthy mouth!

Follow a diet which is rich in raw green vegetables, raw seeds, raw nuts, cold pressed oils. Avoid acid forming foods as mentioned earlier. Consume foods rich in zinc regularly such as: wholewheat, brown rice, wheatgerm, molasses, raw nuts, pumpkin seeds, peas, carrots, mealies, green beans, dried beans, garlic, onions, brewers yeast. As a reliable source of dietary yeast, Bio-Strath Elixir is an excellent tonic.

Did you know?

A hot Sitz bath will allow the bladder to empty completely. Fill the bath to hip depth with hot water. Do not immerse the body completely, allowing the torso, arms and feet to cool the rest of the body. A Sitz bath could be used twice daily for approximately 20 minutes at a time to bring relief to a congested, full, painful bladder and lower back. If you suffer from cardiac disorders or high blood pressure, do not use this advice! Rather use hot compresses by applying towels, which have been soaked in hot water, to the lower back and to the bladder area.
Alternating hot and cold showers could also be beneficial to tone circulation in the pelvic area. Again, to be done cautiously by cardiac patients.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles can relieve pressure and congestion to the bladder and prostate. To find out the correct exercises, visit your chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Have a normal, active sex life: Avoid Coitus interruptus, Prolonged intercourse, Abstinence, Excitation without natural climax
Regularly add A.Vogel’s Herbamare, Trocomare and Kelpamare to your food to access the trace elements present in these delicious herbal salts and sauce. Trace elements are useful to regulate the endocrine glands of which the prostate is one.

Some advice from Dr Vogel

It is not always possible to cure prostate problems, in fact, there are cases, especially with cancer of the prostate, where treatment is difficult and sometimes in vain. Operating is not always the answer either, and if it can be prevented, so much the better. In cases of benign enlargement of the prostate good results have been achieved with Prostasan, a preparation containing Sabal, Staphisagria, Populus, Echinacea and Solidago, in conjunction with herbal steam baths. However, when urination has become easy again, do not take it for granted that you are now rid of your problem. Prostate conditions are seldom cured so completely that they do not recur sooner or later.

The trouble may be alleviated, but perhaps not completely cured. And do not forget, you do not get any younger either. If the enlarged prostate can be softened and brought back to its normal size, the passing of urine will once more be painless; however, it is quite likely that a degree of enlargement will remain. A slight cold, a cold beer, or anything in the nature of a temporary disturbance can cause the gland to swell somewhat, so that the trouble flares up again. Once more you may resort to steam baths and the remedies already mentioned. But to avoid disappointment you must be aware that although the treatment will probably bring you relief, it may not actually eliminate the possibility of relapses. As a matter of fact, you would fare better if you were to continue to take the remedies after the attack has subsided, reducing the quantity to half or a third of the usual dose. In this way the gland continues to be favourably influenced and the problem is kept in check, so to speak.

Prostate trouble is not unlike hardening of the arteries in that it is a condition brought on by the ageing of the body and since this process is unavoidable you must remember that removing the problem once does not mean that it cannot crop up again. By using the appropriate remedies and precautions you can support nature in its own healing efforts and prevent the trouble from recurring as far as is possible.


Prostate enlargement and hardening of the gland is best treated by a diet high in zinc, essential fatty acids, magnesium and calcium. All of these are available in Bio-Strath! This is a condition which is best avoided as the treatment hardly ever cures it permanently. At best if can be managed to a comfortable level.

A.Vogel’s Prostasan has been clinically proven to reduce swelling of the prostate, enabling easier urination. Prostasan can be used to prevent the onset of prostate disorders by taking it prophalactically from age 45 years.

A.Vogel’s Echinaforce drops and tabs have proven themselves in the treatment and prevention of prostate infections and inflammation.

A.Vogel’s Urticalcin, a biological calcium preparation, is essential in the treatment and prevention of all diseases including glandular disorders.

Bio-Strath Elixir provides essential nutrients to assist the body to rebuild its defences in the treatment and prevention of disorders such as enlarged and hardened prostate. Bio-Strath will assist with the restoration of the body after taking antibiotics and other drugs to treat infection and inflammation of the prostate. The normal flow of prostatic fluid is essential for healthy prostate function. Having a healthy sex life will assist with this!

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