About Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. This condition puts people at a higher risk for serious diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Do you suffer from?
  • Excessive fat in relation to body weight
  • Difficulty in losing weight
  • Easy or quick weight gain
  • Obesity in your family
  • Hormonal disturbances from the following glands
  • Hypothalamus – body heat distorted
  • Pituitary – Infertility, erratic periods
  • Pineal – Sleep disorders
  • Thyroid – Enlarged, under-active
  • Adrenal – Stress
  • Pancreas – Hypo/Hyperglycaemia
  • Do you take the “pill” for contraception?
  • Is food a comforter?
Nature’s solution

A.Vogel’s Helix Slim drops is a herbal extract which acts favourably on the digestive system assisting the body to have proper bowel movements as well as to eliminate excess fluids from the body tissues. Helix Slim is a valuable slimming aid as it also helps to regulate blood sugar levels thereby avoiding sugar cravings which create havoc.

A.Vogel’s Anti-Appetite Formula drops is a homoeopathic combination remedy which will assist with a ravenous appetite by enhancing assimilation of nutrients into the bloodstream and by regulating blood sugar levels. Anti-Appetite Formula is also calmative to the user while dietary changes are put into place.

A.Vogel’s Cellulite Formula drops is a homeopathic combination remedy which is very effective to mobilise the drainage of the lymphatic system. Toxicity of the lymphatic system often leads to the formation of unsightly cellulite. People who do not have tonsils or appendix usually suffer from poor lymphatic drainage, as well as blue eyed people. Cellulitis Formula is particularly suited to this group.

A.Vogel’s Kelpasan tablets are a good source of micro-nutrients essential to help the endocrine system to function normally. The sex glands in males and females are vitally important to maintain activity in an energetic life as well as to help regulate male and female hormones which play an important part in maintaining a healthy weight.

A.Vogel’s Urticalcin tabs provides essential calcium to the body in an organic form which is easily assimilated. Calcium levels in the body needs to be at optimum levels for healthy glandular activity. Calcium also plays its part in neutralising excess acidity in the obese person when sugar is eaten often. Urticalcin provides excellent mineral backup for a person on a restricted diet.

A.Vogel’s Molkosan liquid whey concentrate will speedily restore order to an over-burdened digestive tract. The Swiss whey cure is well known for its overall benefits to the body by cleansing the digestive tract and providing concentrated nutrients to ensure that the pancreas will function optimally. Apart from all of this, one teaspoon of Molkosan in a glass of water, 30 minutes before a meal, will help to regulate the appetite while it will also ensure proper digestion of the meal which will follow.

Weight Control (Underweight and Overweight)

In the past it was thought that being underweight was caused by an insufficient intake of food and that eating too much resulted in obesity. However, there are some people who eat a lot and remain extraordinarily thin, and others who eat very little and still put on weight. Everything, they say, turns to fat!

Meanwhile, research has shown that dysfunction of the endocrine glands, the glands with internal secretions, is largely responsible for both excessive corpulence and thinness. These glands are, primarily, the pituitary, the ovaries, the testicles and the thyroid. Their over-activity or imbalance usually leads to thinness, while their insufficiency (or under-activity) leads to corpulence. It has been observed that removal of the ovaries, or a disease causing ovarian insufficiency, causes a person to put on weight. Obesity following menopause confirms the truth of this statement. Typical examples are the inhabitants of southern climates. How slim and supple the Italian or the Latin and South American girls are in the early prime of life. But as soon as the glandular secretions diminish, which is usually at a much earlier age in hot countries, they become plump. If the older generation is stout, solid and comfortable, the reason for this can be traced to the insufficient functioning of the endocrine glands and, more than anything else, the sluggishness of the ovaries. In such cases sits baths and other therapies which stimulate the ovaries (see below) would be of immense help towards reducing corpulence.

Pituitary obesity, however, is not so easy to deal with, because the pituitary is less amenable to corrective treatment than the ovaries. There are, of course, glandular preparations on the market which do act on the pituitary, but their administration is still a delicate matter. Nor do these preparations always produce positive results with the pituitary, though they often do with the ovaries.

A more effective way to reduce obesity is to take the seaweed ocean kelp. Two Kelpasan tablets taken twice a day are usually enough to reduce excess weight slowly but surely. Additionally, take Helix Slim, a fresh plant extract, over a long period of time. Where the ovaries need stimulating, Menstruation Formula, in combination with a good diet, has given good results.

Another simple method, particularly for stimulating the ovaries, is to take various foods that contain vitamin E. The most important of these is wheat germ. There are some people who will not eat wheat germ for feat of getting fat, because it has also been recommended to thin people who wish to gain weight. Women need not worry about this, since wheat germ and its vitamin E content only regulate the function of the ovaries. In fact, wheat germ stimulates their function in the case of fat people and reduces their over-activity in the case of thin people; in this way it actually helps the obese to lose weight and the thin to put it on. In addition, wheat-germ contains other valuable nutrients, such as vegetable protein, phosphates and natural sugar, all of which have a good effect on the body without the danger of causing an abnormal weight increase. So if you suffer from obesity, do not hesitate to eat wheat germ, for it will not increase your weight but regulate or control it.

Then there are those people who do not eat any food rich in vitamins because they are afraid they might overdose themselves. This fear is only justified where synthetic vitamins are concerned, for, indeed, they can produce an overdose. However, such a thing cannot happen with natural vitamins contained in biological remedies and organically grown food. Being an integral part of organic compounds they are never present in harmful concentrations. The body absorbs from the food only what it needs, while any surplus of certain natural vitamins is stored up or disposed of. For these reasons synthetic vitamins can never equal the natural ones. We may be able to analyse things, but when it comes to synthesising a biological equivalent we often fail. We simply do not know all the secrets hidden in these plants. How much more desirable it is, therefore, to turn to natural, biological sources, because the things the Creator has made for us can never be surpassed or equalled with synthetic products.

Guidelines for slimming without danger

Obese people must never let themselves be persuaded to take a commercial slimming preparation. Except for seaweed, never take an ordinary preparation that contains iodine, since iodine is a dangerous element and should be used only in homoeopathic potencies and with the greatest caution. So if you do not know the contents of a slimming product, be sure to find out and reject it if it contains iodine. Remember, the safest way to lose weight is by means of a suitable diet and a well-planned programme of physical therapy. They are dangerous not only to the health but to life itself. Some people who have taken these preparations have met a tragic end. If you feel you must lose weight, take nothing but natural remedies.

When deciding how to approach a problem of obesity it is first necessary to identify its cause. It is no doubt true that excess weight is often caused by an improper diet, or by eating to much. The unfortunate consequences in that case have their origin in too good an appetite. However, as discussed in the preceding section, there are some people who gain weight despite the fact that they eat very little. These people cannot reduce their weight simply by cutting down on the amount of food they consume. Advice on safe approaches to both types of problem is given below.

Disorders of the endocrine glands

Those who put on weight although they eat very little suffer from impaired functioning of the endocrine glands. In my medical practice I have observed cases where the gonads as well as the pituitary gland and even the thyroid were responsible for obesity. If such functional disorders have been existing since youth, the gonads are generally underdeveloped or retarded as far as proper activity and hormone production is concerned. In such cases, fat is often deposited on the hips and waist only and never on the arms and legs, so that these limbs are not excessively big. In women the breasts show considerable fat deposits instead of being the shapely glands they normally are. Sagging breast, due to a malfunction of the ovaries, are often an additional worry of overweight women. This type of obesity cannot be dealt with successfully either by dieting or any other kind of slimming course. Weight loss may be possible only if the causes are treated. This means that the gonads must be stimulated and the thyroid as well as the pituitary must be given attention. When choosing medication we will certainly want to turn to seaweed, especially as contained in Kelpasan, for reliable results.

The diet should be low in protein and all white flour products should be avoided, as well as white sugar. Instead, stick to a natural whole-food diet and take plenty of juices, including beetroot, carrot and celery. A carrot juice diet is beneficial. Juices of organic grapefruit, grapes and oranges are also excellent. Experience will tell which juice suits you best, because certain acids, although harmless to people in good health, do not always agree with someone who is not quite so well. If you want to achieve good results without complications, follow the reactions of your body and take care. Also, drink only reasonable quantities of the juices, because you could do more harm than good by overdoing it. Caution is recommended even when the juices and remedies which are to help reduce weight are natural.

Exercise and deep-breathing, preferably in mountain or ocean air, are amongst some of the best remedies for stimulating the glands. Where the appetite is a contributory cause of obesity it requires attention too. People whose digestion works well, or whose body metabolises food efficiently have a tendency toward a ferocious appetite. For them the most effective remedy is to follow the old and tested principle that you should stop eating when the food tastes best! A diet prescribed for this situation must follow certain rules: it must be low in carbohydrates and fats and high in raw and fresh produce, that is, raw vegetables either as salads or as juices.

It is important to avoid all kinds of sweets and white flour products. If you like soups, forget cream soups and leave them to those who want to put on weight! Since beer is one of the worst things an obese person can drink, the need to avoid it may be a real stumbling block for some men. As regards meat, limit your intake to lean muscle-fibre cuts. What is more, it is best to remove all animal fats from your kitchen lest you be tempted to use them. One exception is fresh butter, which may be eaten in limited quantities. Season your food with the various kinds of cress, horseradish, paprika, curry and yeast extracts, as well as Herbamare and Plantaforce. These herbs and spices have a stimulating effect on the endocrine glands and the metabolic processes.

Medications claiming to melt down fat are highly dangerous and should be avoided at all cost, for one’s health is more precious than a trim figure. Preparations containing seaweed and cellulose, which expand in volume, are tolerated for a short period of time, but after a while the patient gets tired of them. The best weight-reducing plan is one that utilises kelp, since it contains minerals in concentrated form and potassium iodide. Kelp not only stimulates the function of the endocrine glands, as mentioned earlier, and consequently helps to reduce weight, but it also induces a positive feeling of wellbeing. A word of caution, however: people suffering from exophthalmic goitre must take kelp only in homoeopathic doses. Kelp is known to be one of the richest of all seaweeds. It will suffice, therefore, if the person takes one or two Kelpasan tablets in the morning and at noon, and Helix Slim as directed, a steady reduction of weight will be noticed from month to month, and the general condition of health and vitality will improve at the same time. Many patients have been helped to lose weight by taking Kelpasan and can testify to the truth of this statement.

Some useful information

Obesityoften begins in childhood. Children are weaned onto solid food too soon or are given too much food for their needs, causing weight gain. Very often parents indulge their children providing a feast of refined carbohydrates and white flour foods, sugar, sweets, cold-drinks, fatty take-away foods and potato chips. These children’s bodies adapt to this type of food which requires high levels of insulin to process. As they get older and become more sedentary, these people will gain weight alarmingly. These people will always tell you that they really don’t eat that much, but gain weight easily. For them, it is necessary to create a brand new chemistry response to food.

Breast fed babies on regular controlled feeds will have less of a weight issue in their lives than artificially on demand fed infants. Excessive breastfeeding can also lead to obesity. It needs to be noted that the breastfeeding mother’s diet needs to be healthy to produce healthy milk! An obese mother who eats an unhealthy diet of refined foods can do much harm to her baby via her breast milk.

Most obese people have problems with blood sugar levels. They can also suffer more easily from raised cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. Obese people are more prone to diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

Obesity will result from the disturbed bio-chemistry in the person in response to a diet high in fats, sugars, refined flour and low activity levels.

Remember, 20 minutes of fast walking per day can easily help to slim excess weight from the body over a period of time.
Alcohol is a refine carbohydrate! It should be avoided along with sugar and white flour products to ensure a steady drop in weight.

How could you judge if you are overweight?

  • (a) Look in the mirror. If you look like a blob and not a figure 8, you have a problem!
  • (b) If you float easily in water it means you have plenty of fat. When you begin to sink easily on exhalation, you are getting there!
    Carrying excess weight should be addressed as soon as possible. The damage it does to the body, mind,and soul, robs people of a joyous life.

What to do:

  • Follow a basic diet which includes raw fruit, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, proteins, unrefined carbohydrates and natural unprocessed fats and oils. Please refer to the “Back to Good Health” diet sheet to give you an idea of a healthy eating plan.
  • Do not overeat. Rather have frequent small meals throughout the day.Do not eat on the run. You will not know how much you have eaten as your attention is elsewhere. Focus on your meal or your snack.
  • Get a proper medical assessment to exclude any possibility of something else being wrong in the body which could be causing chemical disturbances and weight gain.
  • Learn how to prepare meals from whole-food ingredients. This is a lifelong pursuit in health. Your interest needs to be maintained in this new lifestyle. The typical yo-yo weight swing happens when people have lost some weight, but they go back to their old habits! Old habits need to be replaced by knowledge of why a new habit must be found.
  • Do not follow fad diets. Do not expect to lose weight overnight. A gradual weight loss is desired as the body will adjust, with no harm done. Remember, it took years of overeating to get to where you are. Keep your focus and intention on good healthy living to which the weight loss will be a bonus.
  • Do not starve yourself. Eat regular healthy meals to regulate body chemistry which in turn will assist with the restoration of your body function and will result automatically in weight loss.
  • Live a life of self respect and no compromise. Self-control and self-respect and self-worth all go hand in hand. To make a glutton of yourself carries no self-respect and the disgust you will have for yourself will perpetuate this destructive behaviour.

Obesity can start in childhood when excessive refined carbohydrates, sugars, juices and milk is fed to young children. Lack of exercise, together with a diet of refined foods will result in obesity. The goal should be to lose the excess weight gradually over a few months, even years. A lifestyle change needs to be put in place with a different set of values.

This is the key to success.Glandular disturbances could be at the root of weight issues and should be diagnosed professionally. This is rare however. In areas in the world where no food is available, everybody generally gets thin! Rather say to yourself that you are following a lifestyle to keep you well; not thin.

Make your focus wellness, the thinness will come automatically. A.Vogel’s Helix Slim, Anti-Appetite Formula, Cellulitis Formula, Molkosan and Urticalcin will all help you to become well. Use them regularly. Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast Elixir or tablets is a must for any person on a restricted diet to provide essential nutrients at all times to restore body systems.

Use Bio-Strath daily while your body is coming to rest in a new way. We wish you success.

Helix Slim Application No. U905 (Act/Wet 101/1965)
Contains Helianthus tuberosus Ø. Alcohol content: 48% v/v.

Anti-Appetite Formula Application U581 (Act/Wet 101/1965)
Contains Punica granatum Ø, Galium aparine Ø, Fucus vesiculosis Ø, Paloondo (Larrea mexicana) D3, Cynara scolymus Ø, Adonis vernalis D3, Cascara sagrada D3, Phytolacca D3, Orthosiphon stamineus Ø, Cimicifuga D3, Alchemilla alpina Ø, Ephedra sinica D3, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 65% v/v

Cellulitis Formula Application No. 886 (Act/Wet 101/1965)
Contains Hedera helix D3, Paliurus spina christi Ø, Hypericum perforatum Ø, Fucus vesiculosus D3, Cynara scolymus Ø, Aloe vera D6, Agropyron repens Ø, Calcium carbonicum D12, Hyssopus officinalis D3, Verbena officinalis D3, Passiflora Ø, Vitis vinifera D3, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 65% v/v

Urticalcin Tablets. Application No. U959 (Act 101/1965). Each tablet contains Calcium carb. Hahnem. D4 0.50 mg, Calcium Phos D6 0.50 mg, Natrium phos D6 0.50 mg, Silicea D6 2.50 mg and Urtica D1 10.00 mg in a tablet base composed of lactose, potato starch and magnesium stearate.

Menstruation Formula. Application No. U644 (Act 101/1965) Cimicifuga D6, Cyclamen europ. D6, Lachesis D10, Potentilla anserine D1, Aristolochia D12, Pulsatilla D6, Hydrastis canad. D6. Alcohol content 50% v/v.

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