Kidney Conditions

Do you suffer from the following symptoms of a kidney disorder?

  • Headaches?
  • Body aches (as if you have flu)?
  • Painful joints?
  • Gout or arthritis?
  • High blood concentrations of uric acid?
  • Offensively smelling urine?
  • Athlete’s foot?
  • Painful heels or burning soles?
  • Sweaty, smelly feet?
  • Weeping eczema?
  • Excessive thirst?
  • Sallow skin?


  • Have you had bilharzia?
  • Have you had kidney infections?
  • Do you take diuretics?
  • Do you have a salty or high protein diet?
  • Do you use bodybuilding products like creatine?

Nature’s solution

A.Vogel’s Nephrosolid containing the plant extract of Solidago, is a herbal medicine that supports the function of the kidney.

Some advice from Dr. Vogel

Aside from the heart and the liver, no other organ suffers more from the consequences of our modern lifestyle’s refined foods than the kidneys. Often, kidney patients are relieved of their pains simply by abstaining from all foods containing sugar.

Some useful information

The kidneys function better when we protect them from the cold. It is important, especially for children, not to wear wet clothes, or be allowed to stay in a swimming pool for hours at a time. Hot baths are also very beneficial for the kidneys.

A note on the kidneys

The kidneys, which are bean-shaped organs, are really a complicated filtration plant, each consisting of about a million cup-shaped filters and tubules.

This system filters the blood supplied to the kidney, to produce about 1.7 litres of urine filtrate per day, which is then transported to the bladder by way of the ureter. The kidneys not only rid the body of metabolic wastes, but also maintain the delicate balance of electrolytes and pH in the blood.

Did you know?

If you follow a high protein diet for sport, you should increase fluid intake.
Parsley, asparagus and celery are good kidney cleansing foods.
Nephrosolid Liquid. Application No. U927 (Act 101/1965).
Each 1 ml contains Solidago Virgauren X 635 mg, Betula Pendula X 166 mg, Ononis Spinosa X 64 mg, Equisetum arvense X 55 mg, Alcohol 62% v/v.

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