Concentration and the Brain

Do you suffer from?

  • Inability to keep your mind on the subject at hand
  • Poor recall of names and faces
  • Poor recall of recent events
  • Mind and attention wandering
  • Difficulty in retaining information
  • Difficulty in remembering what you have read or learnt
  • Can’t remember where you have put the keys
  • Children who constantly lose shoes and other clothing articles
  • Children who find it hard to concentrate in class
  • Restless children
  • Angry, defiant, aggressive behaviour
  • Have you recently or in the past had a stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Varicose veins
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Poor eyesight
  • Poor hearing

Nature’s Solution:

A.Vogel’s Concentration Formula is ideal to assist the brain and mind to deal with information in a constructive manner. The combination of the ingredients in Concentration Formula will calm the nerves, enabling the nervous system the opportunity to respond without fear and anxiety at times of mental performance such as exam stress, business meetings, etc. An excellent brain performance enhancer for all age groups.A.Vogel’s Ginkgoforce is a herbal extract which has been proven to improve circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain. Circulatory disorders such as vascular degeneration, poor blood viscosity, after effects and prevention of strokes, are all remedied by the use of Ginkgoforce.

Some advice from Dr A.Vogel

As a result of our modern lifestyle and environmental disruptions, vascular diseases have increased considerably; in this context it seemed appropriate for me to take a closer look at the Ginkgo Biloba Tree. My contact with Dr Wilmar Schwabe and his research team enabled me to gain a thorough knowledge of the medicinal effects of this extremely valuable plant, and it is noteworthy that preparations made from it have caused no side effects whatsoever. In cases where the brain does not receive sufficient blood, the tincture made from the leaves has proved to be efficacious. Also, a deficient supply of oxygen to the brain can be remedied quite rapidly, which is very important after a stroke. Blood viscosity, that is, its consistency and rate of flow, will improve in a short time. This makes it possible to eliminate the symptoms of a defective circulation, such as headaches, buzzing in the ears, problems with hearing and sight, depression, and a state of fear and panic.Moreover, it is interesting to note that the tincture produces a welcome secondary effect, the stimulation of the kidneys and pancreas. Improved blood circulation and supply of oxygen ensure that the cells of the central nervous system are better nourished, hence more efficient. Furthermore, the circulation in the skin, therefore the functioning of the finest capillaries, will be promoted. When Hyperiforce is taken at the same time, ten drops every morning at breakfast, this will influence the circulation even more. Anyone over the age of fifty would do well to take Ginkgoforce drops for a few months, as various body functions will be improved. When there is better blood circulation, the entire body will benefit from a general cleansing process.

Some useful information:

The brain needs to be nourished! Most of what is eaten in a day becomes fuel for the brain. Attention must be given to a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Amino acids and essential fatty acids and glucose to ensure healthy activity in the brain.When studying, break every 1 – 2 hours to take a short walk to improve blood circulation. Also eat small, nutritious meals at each break, e.g. a few raw almonds and dates and a glass of water, or a rice cake with cottage cheese and tomato.The brain needs rest. At times of hard mental work or exam time, early to bed to get enough rest. Reduce TV to a minimum.Reduce noise to a minimum. This would include loud music. Remember to hydrate the body and brain well. A glass of water on the hour when studying can prevent brain fatigue and accompanying headaches.Avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine as the false energy obtained will result in a feeling of exhaustion and depletion, requiring another dose of caffeine! Remember, caffeine robs the body of vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and essential fatty acids; all very important nutrients to the healthy functioning of the body and brain! Caffeine also has diuretic properties which can lead to dehydration on the one hand, with a loss of nutrients, then causes water retention on the other hand!Sugar cravings can indicate a brain under siege. If concentration levels are intense, huge demands on blood glucose levels are made by the brain, resulting in a blood sugar low. This in turn creates a craving for something sweet, which is quite normal. However, if sugar is then eaten, the blood sugar levels are increased too rapidly, causing a release of insulin from the pancreas, which of course will reduce the blood sugar levels quickly, creating a demand for more sugar. This is best avoided by eating regular small meals of unrefined carbohydrates such as wholewheat sandwiches, brown rice, etc. Protein foods such as cubes of chicken meat with a dip made from cottage cheese and raw vegetables is an excellent way to ensure a regulated blood sugar supply.Conflict situations at a time of mental and mind concentration will affect the learner adversely. Rather delay arguments, or resolve issues in a less harmful way.Boredom is often misinterpreted as poor concentration. The necessary differentiation needs to be done to determine the true cause.Often at stressful times, the brain suffers from overload. Too much is going on in the mind, resulting in total chaos. Make a priority list. Also make a list of personal concerns. See what you can do about it, and what you can’t. Aim to spend your brain and mind energy on that which you can change.There is a difference between concentration and attention. Concentration is the ability of the mind and brain to maintain attention on a person or a subject for an extended period of time. All human beings are capable of this. However, if their survival or image, or personal values, either clash with information at hand, or it does not interest them, they can very easily withdraw their concentration, leading to no attention. Children and concentration:

This is a big problem due to many factors:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor discipline
  • Trauma at birth
  • Dysfunctional family life
  • Attention seeking
  • A real physical and mental disability

In our complex society, the root cause is mostly found in the lack of certain amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids, due to the instant modern diets being fed to the child. Bio-Strath Elixir has numerous clinical trials to prove its benefits to the problem learner.The rules of society, with violence on TV, electronic games and absent parents all contribute to disturbed childhood. Few children actually have an organic learning disability. Those who suffer from dyslexia are usually identified. The greater numbers are medicated instead of nourished. A difficult child is not the envy of anyone, and can cause disruption wherever they go; therefore the allure of quick results with chemical medication. Avail yourself of all the pros and cons before embarking on this route as a long term solution. A.Vogel’s Concentration Formula, together with Bio-Strath Elixir, a good, old fashioned diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and protein, parental discipline and love, has moulded many lives to the better. And so it will be for centuries to come.High blood pressure and resulting strokes can be avoided by following a lifestyle of healthy foods, moderate daily exercise, and no smoking. The hardening of the arteries is mostly to blame for this condition, the result of a lifestyle of excesses. A genetic predisposition should be a red flashing light to start now to avoid this happening.Poor circulation to the brain can result in vertigo, tinnitus, poor eyesight, poor hearing. The regular use of Ginkgoforce in persons older than 45 years makes good sense, to prevent the onset of these conditions.

Did you know?

High or low blood pressure will affect the functioning of the brain. Alcohol and drugs will affect the brain centres. Heavy metals, such as mercury, will affect the brain. Inadequate sleep will affect the brain. The brain is the control centre of the body. All body systems and organs receive their energy from the brain In a time of great illness, the body will lose weight; not the brain and spinal column. The brain demands 80% of the energy in daily food. The most vital nutrient for the brain to function is oxygen. The brain and nervous system will die within 4 minutes if it is deprived of oxygen. The brain and body can do without water for 2-3 days, food for 5-6 weeks! The importance of oxygen into the cells of the brain becomes apparent if one understands its importance. Regular exercise is vital for good brain function as it improves circulation and oxygen levels. Anaemia will reduce oxygen levels in the brain. Low levels of iron have been identified in children under 10 years of age due to poor diet. When iron supplements corrected the deficiency, the anaemia was cleared with all-round improvement in concentration and general behaviour. Heavy menstruation and childbirth and pregnancy put strain on iron reserves in most women. Be sure to supplement with Bio-Strath Elixir, a clinically proven beneficial supplement during gestation and lactation, preventing and correcting anaemia in women. Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast Elixir has been proven clinically to have a beneficial effect on children and adults, resulting in elevated levels of concentration compared to before taking the supplement. Concentration and behaviour in children improved markedly on Bio-Strath. Bio-Strath has been proven to help prevent and delay onset of Alzheimers. In people with Alzheimers Disease, definite improvements of brain function was noted while taking Bio-Strath Elixir.


The brain is the most marvellous organ. We would be lost without it. Take care of the brain to ensure a lively mind into old age. Make an effort to eat healthy natural foods, get enough rest, avoid noise and pollution, get out into the fresh air.A.Vogel’s Concentration Formula is particularly suited to students and business people, of all ages. It will calm the nerves, allowing sustained brain function to be attained.A.Vogel’s Ginkgoforce should be taken by all people who wish to maintain good brain function after 45 years of age. Ginkgoforce can be used daily to prevent strokes, lower blood pressure, improve general circulation and regulate blood viscosity. Ginkgoforce can also be used to restore the brain after strokes.Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast Elixir is a wonderful companion to both these remedies to ensure optimum levels of brain nutrients for people of all ages. Bio-Strath has clinical studies to prove how it improves brain function in children, improving behaviour in the process.Pre-Alzheimer studies with Bio-Strath indicates its usefulness in treating this disease.

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