Do you suffer from ?

  • Painful joints
  • Swollen joints
  • Stiff joints
  • Deformed joints
  • Painful movement
  • Painful joints at the change of weather

Nature’s Solution:

A.Vogel’s Arthritis Formula is an excellent homoeopathic combination remedy to assist restoration of joint mobility and promote a reduction of pain in the joints associated with Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis.

This remedy has natural anti-inflammatory properties without causing side effects. The treatment of joints can be long-term depending on the severity of the condition and the time duration of the illness.

Some useful information:

Joint disorders are usually alleviated by elevating calcium levels. Calcium is utilised by the body on many fronts – in the joint it will reduce degeneration and help to regenerate bone tissue. Calcium also assists with the reduction of blood acidity, thereby helping to control inflammatory reactions in the joint.

Cold applications are of help to restore mobility and to reduce pain. Use a bag of crushed ice on the joint at frequent intervals during the day. Crushed Comfrey leaves wrapped in a permeable muslin cloth has wonderful benefits for bones and joints. Apply the crushed leaves, at the same time as the ice, for quick pain relief. Repeat it as often as required.

People suffering from joint ailments often have deficiencies in many nutrients notably; calcium, magnesium, selenium,
vitamin C.Trace element deficiencies could also play a part in the development of the disease. It is therefore of great importance to regulate the ingestion of good quality nutrients on a daily basis. Bio-Strath Elixir can be taken daily to ensure a rapid recovery from these deficiencies. A.Vogel Urticalcin should also be taken. Urticalcin is a biological calcium supplement which reduces acidity in the body and assists with calcium absorption.

Arthritis is often caused by some source of infection in the body which releases small quantities of purulent matter into the bloodstream. Areas which are commonly the cause could be tooth abscesses, infected tonsils or throat or poorly managed post viral infections. It is therefore important to ensure that none of these factors are active by having regular dental examinations, or by testing the blood to investigate the presence of elevated white blood cells which would indicate infection.

Tip: Brush with Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpaste or apply 1
drop of Thursday Plantation 100% pure Tea Tree Oil onto toothbrush when
brushing teeth.

Arthritis could find its primary cause in the consumption of excessive white flour, white refined sugar, excessive eating of animal proteins, as well as the long-term harmful effects of eating foods comprising of heated oils and animal fats. Please refer to the diet sheet for sound advice on eating food in its natural state.

Did you know?

4 – 7% of the world population suffers from this painful affliction. (The Nature Doctor – A Vogel – Pg 262)

That it imposes by far the greatest financial burden on the social welfare and health institutions of most developed nations. (The Nature Doctor – A Vogel – Pg 265)

The most important remedy for arthritis is potato juice. It is not only its alkaline constituents that contribute to curing arthritis but possibly other, as yet unknown factors. Patients should take the juice of a potato daily and in severe cases the amount should be slowly increased. Grate the potato, squeeze out the juice and take it in warm water first thing in the morning before breakfast. (The Nature Doctor – A Vogel – Pg 263 – paragraph 3)

Stimulation of kidney and liver function will assist the body to rid itself of accumulated toxins whether from a latent chronic infection or after a viral infection. Use Boldocynara and Nephrosolid drops as indicated for approximately 6 months.

The simpler and more natural the diet, the greater will be its contribution to our all-round health, wellbeing and long life.
(The Natural Doctor – A Vogel – Pg 263)

Arthritis treatment should be maintained as a lifestyle. Once the joints are less painful and more mobile; maintain a good diet for life.

Threshhold RealMSM is a valuable natural pain reliever for chronic pain. Start by taking 2 tablets twice daily for 4 days. If after 4 days the pain and inflammation has not been relieved markedly, increase the dosage daily until relief is felt. Maintain this dosage for 3 months. Thereafter reduce to a maintenance dosage of 2 tablets twice per day.Arthritis runs in families. A predisposition to this illness lies dormant until activated by toxicity, as explained in this leaflet. If there is arthritis in the family, avoid it by adhering to a healthy lifestyle.


The treatment of arthritis will always include a change in diet. No sugar, coffee, tea, alcohol, pork, fruit juices, refined wheat products or fried foods are permissible. Daily exercise is essential. The use of Dr A.Vogel’s Arthritis Formula together with Urticalcin tabs, as well as Threshhold RaalMSM can contribute to a better quality life and the gradual recovery from this chronic condition. The regular use of Herbamare/ Trocomare/Kelpamare to flavour food will provide traces of the trace-element iodine in an organic form, which is known to assist to prevent or treat joint diseases. Remember to take good care of dental hygiene as the mouth is the source of many physical ailments. Regularly brush the teeth, gums and tongue with Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpaste. Gargle daily with a mixture of 5 drops of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil in 100ml’s of water. Have 6-monthly dental examinations to ensure that no abscesses could be lurking in the mouth.

Relaxation is vital to your recovery. Participate in activities which bring a smile to your face! Persistently work towards your goal of good health. Never give up!

Some useful advice from Dr Vogel:

A diet of natural foods is of primary importance when treating rheumatoid arthritis. Only unadulterated unrefined foods should be eaten, just as the Creator provided them in nature. In preparing them we should be guided by the same principle; food should be left in its natural state as far as possible. Cooked animal protein, such as meat, is detrimental according to my experience. For better results, adopt a predominantly vegetarian diet and include plenty of raw foods. Curds or cottage cheese, as animal-derived protein, are good for you. If you cannot abstain from meat altogether, it is permissible to eat a little beef, lamb or veal, but pork and processed and canned meats should be completely out of bounds.

Caution should be exercised as regards fats; they should be of vegetable origin, cold-pressed and unrefined. Keep off heated fats or fried food. Vegetable oils, such as cold-pressed olive, sunflower, poppy, or linseed oils, should be used in their unrefined state. Anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis should never have denatured
white sugar on his table. For sweetening, honey and natural sweetness from grapes, sultanas, currants and raisins must take the place of refined white sugar. These dried fruits can be put through a mincer so that
they can easily be added to foods for sweetening.

Not only white sugar but also white flour and white flour products must be scrupulously avoided. On the other hand, wheat germ taken in limited quantities is an excellent addition to the diet. If vegetables are not eaten raw, care should be taken in their cooking. Never boil vegetables but simply steam them in a little water to preserve their minerals and vitamins. Raw salads are very good seasoned with whey concentrate (Molkosan) or with lemon juice and oil; never add salt and sugar.

If at all possible, do not use table salt or sharp spices, but replace these by fresh culinary herbs and yeast extract, or use Plantaforce and Herbamare.

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